The Things I Wish I’d Known Before My First Psychedelic Journey

When embarking on the journey of your first psychedelic experience, there’s a fountain of emotions that can overflow the chambers of your heart and mind. One of the greatest takeaways I wish I had been privy to, stepping foot into this mystifying domain for the first time, is understanding the source of all the potent emotions one experiences. Especially fear, and fear of losing control.

Embracing Emotions with Psychedelics

Any intense emotion such as fear, that you happen to experience during your psychedelic journey, isn’t spawned by the psychedelic itself. It’s a dormant emotion lingering within you, simply brought to the surface.

Psychedelics merely act as keys; unlocking the door to your subconscious and making you privy to the emotions, especially the repressed ones, harboring within.

Psychedelics and the Subconscious Mind

The magic of psychedelics is their potent ability to open up pathways to previously inaccessible regions of one’s mind. They lift the veil off the inner workings of your subconscious, laying bare emotions, often repressed, that reside deep within you.

They peel away the protective layers we have meticulously built around our vulnerabilities. Over time, these hard-built walls may suppress the raw and unfiltered emotions that make us human. Psychedelics unveil these emotions, guiding us deep into our cores and helping us face our fears head-on.

Psychedelic Journeys: Perception Creates Reality

At times, encountering this unfamiliar realm can be fear-inducing and lead to moments of unrest. It can be easy to attribute this newfound intensity of emotion to the psychedelic itself. However, a psychedelic isn’t the instigator here; it’s simply a mirror reflecting what already resides deep within us.

A psychedelic experience is more of a journey inward, revealing truths that have always been a part of us.

The Fear Factor in Psychedelic Experiences

One of the most overwhelming emotions one can encounter during this journey is fear. It isn’t uncommon for a wave of fear to wash over you, or to question if you’ve lost control over your emotions. The fear is real and palpable, but it’s not new.

It’s important to note that this sense of fear is not triggered by the psychedelic but is an existing fear within you, now brought to the forefront.

Psychedelics: Guides, not Villains

The psychedelics are not the culprits behind the rattling fear you encounter; they are guides on your journey to self-realization. Their role is to help you navigate the winding labyrinth of your subconscious, exploring the depths of suppressed fear and other emotions.

They tear down walls, pave paths, and shine light on the darkest corners of your subconscious. While the journey might be terrifying at times, it’s important to remember that these emotions aren’t new predation but pre-existing ones, now in the limelight.

Navigating through a Psychedelic journey is an inward voyage of self-discovery

It not only unravels one’s suppressed emotions but also brings to the surface our fear of losing control. Therefore, it is essential to remember during the psychedelic experience; be curious and embrace every emotion and everything that reveals itself to you.

Psychedelics merely serve as aides, helping you meet your true self, unshielded, unedited, and raw in form. They encourage us to embrace our fears, understand our emotions, and ultimately, they guide us to the truth of who we truly are.

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