An Enthralling Journey Towards Self-Healing: My Week at a Shift Psilocybin Retreat in the Netherlands

Welcome to my in-depth recount of my unique experience at The Shift retreat, a 6 day long Psilocybin Retreat in The Netherlands. It was genuinely overwhelming, an emotional rollercoaster that brought about profound clarity and healing. My name is Lesa and I want to unpack the art of healing through this post, recounting the events that led to an transformative, fulfilling week.

My Psilocybin Retreat Experience: The Magnetism of a Small Group Setting

I was drawn to the retreat due to its intimate group setting, escalating my hopes of receiving focused attention. This stood in stark contrast to my previous psychedelic retreat experiences in larger groups.

Throughout the week, I felt entirely cared for and understood. This level of acceptance allowed me to traverse my feelings freely. The soothing words of wisdom driven by our hosts further melted away any residual anxieties, prompting me to delve deeper into self-care.

“And everything I was feeling, everything I was going through was completely okay”

Psilocybin Assisted Therapy: A Journey Towards Healing

It is during this explorative week that I faced the trauma that had once only physically existed within me. I became both the observer and the observed, enveloped in a safe and nurturing environment, allowing the pain to surface. I transitioned from associating these emotions with past experiences to forming a new understanding of these emotions in my present state of complete awareness.

Years of latent trauma rooted in my earliest memory resurfaced. I realized that the sadness I experienced as an infant, was a consequence of not being held or nurtured as one should immediately after birth. Ironically, the Shift Psilocybin retreat’s environment itself provided the healing that I had been seeking all those years, with just the right balance of comfort and recognition.

“…the mattress was there and was totally accommodating and allowing and not abandoning me recreated the healing I needed in that moment.”

The culmination of this journey resulted in me acknowledging the trauma that I had so long resisted. The fallout was surprisingly liberating, allowing me to return to my regular life with a renewed sense of self and understanding of how to care for my mental and emotional needs.

A New Beginning emerged after the Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Retreat Week

Coming into this psilocybin retreat, my outlook was completely cerebral. My expectations were predicated purely on the belief that this path was the ‘right thing to do.’ However, the psilocybin retreat facilitated a balance where I could connect my thought process with my physical feelings thereby creating a comprehensive understanding of my pain.

“…my body feels safer to even be in that environment and trusts me to meet its needs.”

Comparison with Previous Psychedelic Retreats and Experiences

In comparison to my past endeavours with plant medicine, this 6 day psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands was unlike any other. It was a gentle and comforting exploration into the psyche, and not an emotionally frantic experience as I had feared.

Furthermore, this psilocybin retreat emphasized the importance of integration work post-ceremonies in order to amalgamate the experiences, both old and new, into a comprehensive framework of understanding.

Sense of Uniform Vulnerability During The Psilocybin Retreat

The tight-knit group setting of this psilocybin retreat was beneficial in fostering a sense of shared vulnerability. The bravery and shared humaneness of my companions was inspiring and demonstrated the allure of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

The Takeaway from Psilocybin Therapy: Being Gentle with Yourself

To surmise, this retreat radiated mindfulness and compassion. It reaffirmed that there is strength in being vulnerable and showed me that taking care of ourselves is indeed a radical act. As someone who’s had firsthand experience of this journey, I can testify to the healing nature of shift retreats and can guarantee they provide a safe environment for your shaky heart.

“If you hesitate to do it, understand that that’s your shaky heart…this place can totally take care of your shaky heart.”

As I conclude this personal recount, I do not shake in nervousness but in a transcendent gratitude towards what I’ve gained from this experience. The past week has been a remarkable journey of growth and healing, and I urge everyone to give it a go.

Kind regards,



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