At The Inner Shift Institute, we’re pioneers in psilocybin assisted therapy in the Netherlands since 2018 under our former name A Whole New High, and a community of passionate experts committed to supporting individuals on their path to holistic well-being.

Our approach stands out with our commitment to guiding individuals through their psilocybin journey in a way that goes beyond mere psychedelic experiences. Unlike others, we don’t simply let the psychedelic do the work – we actively guide our clients through challenging moments and use therapeutic techniques to facilitate a profound shift at the subconscious level of their minds.

In my life, split between achievements and hidden struggles, I seemed successful on the outside but was battling depression and feeling stuck on the inside. Despite my awards and recognition as a photographer, I felt worthless without my achievements. Taking breaks only deepened my loneliness. My relationships suffered too; I feared showing my vulnerability, feeling unlovable.

I embarked on a quest for healing, exploring various therapeutic methods without lasting relief. That changed with a transformative psilocybin experience at age 25, opening my eyes to new possibilities. This experience was a turning point, guiding me to deeply explore psychedelics not just for their transcendental qualities but for their profound therapeutic potential.

Over the years, I accumulated an array of therapeutic tools that genuinely facilitated profound transformations of my life. This vast toolkit formed the foundation of the Inner Shift Method, a holistic approach integrating emotional validation, subconscious reprogramming, inner child work, and more to navigate the complex terrain of healing.

In 2018 I’ve founded The Inner Shift Institute (former name A Whole New High) to bring this opportunity of a deep inner shift and profound life change to others. The Inner Shift Method is more than a therapeutic approach; it’s a pathway to reclaiming your life, crafted from a blend of personal discovery and professional expertise.

I’ve assembled a remarkable team of facilitators, each of whom has not only mastered the Inner Shift Method but has also enriched it with their unique expertise and life experiences. Every facilitator on our team has undergone profound personal transformations, bringing authenticity and depth to their work. Dive into their individual journeys below to discover the passion and transformation behind our collective mission.







Our Vision at The Inner Shift Institute is to cultivate a world where every individual can fully embrace and harness their unique gifts, finding their rightful place of belonging in a vibrant, connected community. We dream of a reality where life is savored with every breath, where connections deepen naturally, and nature is not just seen but felt and lived. Our vision is a call to slow down, to reacquaint ourselves with the essence of being alive, and to rediscover the joy in just being.

We envision a nurturing world where children grow up surrounded by both physical and emotional safety, allowing them to thrive, explore, and develop who they came here to be. A world where adults are not just survivors of their past but are thriving architects of their future, living out their deepest purposes and passions.

At The Inner Shift Institute, we’re committed to this transformative journey—offering tools, spaces, and communities that support this profound shift towards emotional safety, belonging, and a deep connection with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Not just for ourselves but for all future generations. It’s about growing together into the magnificent beings we were always meant to be, and in doing so, creating a world that reflects our shared values of joy, connection, and personal evolution.

Together, we can build this world. A place where every person has the opportunity to be fully their unique selves without hiding behind masks and to contribute to a collective future that celebrates the full spectrum of human potential. Join us at The Inner Shift Institute, and be part of shaping this beautiful vision into reality.

Welcome To Our Team!

Our team of psychologists, therapists, mentors, and facilitators brings over a decade of experience in altered states of consciousness, transpersonal psychology, profound personal transformation, and facilitation of mystical experiences. They possess deep interpersonal skills, are highly empathic and down-to-earth, each one embodying the principles they teach.



Alice is the founder of the Inner Shift Institute and a renowned transformational coach, dedicated to helping individuals achieve extraordinary lives on their own terms. Since 2017, she has guided over 600 individuals in psychedelic journeys and has created The Inner Shift Method.

As an intuitive neurodivergent and out-of-the-box-thinker, she excels in finding new ways of looking at things and guiding clients toward clarity and empowerment. Alice blends therapeutic, coaching, and shamanic tools with her keen intuition to reveal new possibilities and facilitate profound personal growth.

With a Master’s degree and multilingual abilities, Alice has lived in diverse locations such as Haiti, Costa Rica, and Bali. She created 3 Tarot Decks, which have gained international recognition. Before founding the Inner Shift Institute, Alice was an award-winning photojournalist.

Alice’s personal journey of overcoming depression and dysfunctional family patterns informs her empathetic and effective approach. When not working with clients, she enjoys traveling, dancing to tribal music, and spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

ADHD / neurodiversity
Depression / Anxiety
C-PTSD / Childhood Trauma


Jeanne, a French-German psychotherapy practitioner, psychedelic facilitator, and breathwork facilitator, brings over a decade of experience working with psychedelics in therapeutic settings. She is also a trained art therapist known for her mandala artwork. Jeanne’s mission is to guide individuals on their inner journeys, helping them overcome obstacles to achieve a fulfilled and meaningful life by connecting with their emotions and inner child.

Jeanne intuitively blends therapeutic, shamanic, coaching, meditative, and spiritual modalities to support clients in their personal growth, revealing what can be released and what no longer serves.

With a background in organizational psychology from a top international consultancy, Jeanne transitioned to a focus on healing after experiencing burnout. Since 2010, she has dedicated herself to intense inner work and helping others through one-on-one sessions and group work involving emotional integration, breathwork, and psychoactive medicinal plants.

Jeanne’s life lesson is to practice self-love and stay present in her heart despite life’s challenges. In her free time, she enjoys nature, hiking, wild herb collecting, painting mandalas, yoga, singing, dancing, and spending time with loved ones.

Group Retreats:
Venlo, Netherlands
Private Retreats:
Salzburg/Innsbrug, Austria

Transgenerational Trauma


Cony, a Certified Psychologist, is a seasoned navigator of the human psyche, adept at guiding individuals through the intricate landscapes of inner growth and self-discovery.

With a passion for eastern teachings, Cony creates a sacred space where individuals can embark on transformative journeys of exploration and healing. She has guided people on psychedelic journeys since 2018. Drawing from a rich tapestry of modalities including Embodied Yoga, Tantric Rituals, Reiki, and Theta Healing, Cony tailors experiences to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Born in Chile and now residing in Portugal, Cony’s life is a testament to her love for landscapes, nature, yoga, dance, and consciousness.

Through practices like Shadow work, Trauma work, and Sacred Sexuality, Cony empowers individuals to reconnect with their true essence and step into their power with confidence and love. With a belief in the interconnectedness of all beings, Cony’s work is driven by a deep sense of compassion and a commitment to reconnecting her clients with their true essence, and re-orient their path to the direction their soul has been yearning for.

Group Retreats: Venlo
Private Retreats: Lagos, Portugal

Depression / Anxiety
Healing Traumatic Experiences
Emotional Disconnection and Numbness


Caro is a mindset and transformation coach, energy healer, and psychedelic facilitator dedicated to help people connect with their true essence, transform limiting beliefs, and embrace a life of purpose.

With a passion for personality development and psychology, Caro delves into both inner and outer worlds to understand what holds people back from realizing their dreams. She believes in the power of healing past wounds to create a more peaceful and loving world, advocating for self-forgiveness and unconditional love.

Caro takes joy in guiding her clients through the process of uncovering self-sabotaging patterns and connecting with their inner wisdom. By shifting their perception, clients can access their inherent answers and consciously manifest a life of purpose and meaning.

Having overcome personal challenges including guilt, people-pleasing tendencies, and low self-worth, Caro brings empathy and understanding to her work. She has healed from deep-rooted traumas and transformed her own life, becoming a compassionate mother and guiding her children to embrace confidence and creativity.

Outside of her work, Caro finds inspiration in ecstatic dance, spending time with her children, gardening, writing, meditating, practicing yoga, and continuous learning. She is passionate about inspiring others and being inspired herself.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

ADHD / neurodiversity
Narcissistic Abuse / Parent
Sensitivity (HSP)


Rachel, a clinical psychologist, psychedelic facilitator, and Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, is dedicated to guiding individuals to discover their own answers from within. Embracing a path of non-doing, Rachel creates a safe and non-judgmental space where emotions and physical impulses can be explored with trust and openness.

Encountering Holotropic Breathwork during her psychology studies ignited Rachel’s passion for non-ordinary states of consciousness. She pursued a second Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and completed the Grof Transpersonal Training in 2016. Rachel deeply believes in the healing potential of expanded states of consciousness and sees surrendering to one’s essence as a crucial aspect of the healing journey.

Rachel’s own journey has taught her the importance of overcoming fear, setting boundaries, and embracing vulnerability. She now lives life fully, finding inner peace and fulfillment. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys studying new topics, spending time with loved ones, dancing the 5 Rhythms, and tending to her garden.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Depression / Anxiety
Reconnection to inner healing wisdom and inner guidance
Fear of Abandonment and Trauma


Karlijn is a psychedelic facilitator and therapist based in the Netherlands. Her mission is to guide individuals back to the wisdom of their hearts, where all answers can be found.

After obtaining her Master’s Degree in 2011, Karlijn worked as an HR Consultant in the corporate world but felt disconnected from her heart and surroundings. Her journey with Ayahuasca expanded her consciousness and led her to explore deep inner work, including learning from Indigenous tribes in South America and western traditions.

Driven by a deep inner calling, Karlijn embarked on an intense one-year training in transformation and shamanism, where she learned to facilitate psychedelic ceremonies. Since 2018, she has devoted herself to working with psychedelic medicine in therapeutic settings, witnessing profound transformation in her clients.

Karlijn’s biggest life lesson is transitioning from a state of survival to one of self-love, trust, and surrender to the unknown.

Outside of her work, Karlijn enjoys long hikes in nature and ecstatic dance. She resides in a forest, cherishing community life, fireside conversations, and heart-based living in connection with herself, others, and nature.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Overcoming feeling stuck
Reconnecting to the heart/intuition


Anne is a versatile guide on the path of self-discovery, serving as a coach, therapist, and psychedelic facilitator. Anne delights in witnessing individuals embrace their authenticity, courageously pursuing their dreams without fear. Having walked this path herself, she cherishes life’s richness and diversity, finding beauty in its ups and downs.

Following a corporate career, Anne embarked on a transformative journey into her own being, discovering her calling to dedicate her life to self-realization. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in coaching, shamanism, therapy, yoga, meditation, and Jungian depth psychology, Anne guides individuals through one-on-one sessions, exploring the depths of human existence with passion.

In her free time, Anne enjoys nature walks, soaking up the sun, and dancing to electronic beats. Prioritizing self-care, she starts each day with meditation and yoga, ensuring her cup is full before sharing herself with the world. Anne sees her role as a servant of the divine, guiding others to remember their own divinity and express their true selves.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Issues of Self-Worth/Self-Neglect
People Pleaser Tendencies
Eating Disorder / Addiction






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