Yay!! Congratulations you have taken the first step to the life of your dreams!!!

Empowerment, Fulfilment and Freedom awaits you.We are so excited you found your way here. It means something inside of you knows it’s time. Time for a big shift, shedding the sh*t that’s holding you back and living a life of meaning – even discovering what meaning means to you! We can’t wait to support you! This program is for you if you know that the power is in your hands to create meaningful changes in your life, you’re just not sure on exactly how to activate that power and you want to be supported along the way.

This program is for you if you’re ready to dive really deep and explore your subconscious mind. We will give you the roadmap, the right tools and the support along the way, you will take the steps and make it happen! Excited????

Aghhhhh So We are…. We facilitate proven processes to help you get there – exploring the depths of your inner world, guiding you to feel good in your skin while creating a life that lights you up. This is for you if you want to take BOLD action now. This is for you if you want to experience TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING that allows you to trust yourself, get to know your needs and desires to feel alive again. This is a 3 to 6-month container for those who are ready to go all in and not just want to dip their toe into water.

Our containers are a safe space for you to come and feel supported and seen. A space to come and connect where your energy gets to be activated by people who have created the shift that you want to create. Where you get to calibrate with our energy (meaning your frequency now has the opportunity to become an energetic match to ours) and where you get to learn from our knowledge and experience and apply it to your own life. Each month consists of 1 x 1 hour session per week for 3 weeks, with the 4th week off for integration.

If you are ready to step into the next-level version of yourself we’d absolutely love to hear from you. This work is so exciting and so effective and we are just thrilled that you are giving yourself this opportunity. Please complete the following application form, if you feellike a good fit to us, one of our support team will reach out to enrol you in a program.

Please take your time to complete this application so we can better understand your current situation and the kind of support you’re craving. The more detail you share, the better recommendations we’ll be able to make.


The Inner Shift Institute Team