Our 1-on-1 Life-Changing Private Psilocybin Sessions are individually tailored sessions supporting you to break through, reconnect with yourself while accelerating personal and spiritual growth. These sessions will help you find clarity, direction and purpose while teaching you how to integrate the transformational benefits of the experience into your daily life.

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The Shift Retreat is a 6 day high intensity deep dive experience to catapult you into lasting change.You will Rediscover your Path, Find Meaning, Clarity and Steps to Move Forward. The Shift is a Retreat Experience of Expansion, Insights, Togetherness and Personal Freedom supported by the Spirit of Psilocybin.

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We sit down and give your life an overview. What is working, what is not. Which desires of yours are unfulfilled? We bring to light desires you may have but are actually unaware of, redesigning and tweaking your life to one of fulfilment.

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