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We’ve been at the forefront of psilocybin retreats since 2018, bringing over a decade of experience in psilocybin-assisted therapy to guide your journey. Our passion for healing and growth is rooted in our own life-changing encounters with psilocybin.

We invite you to:
Not just change, but truly transform.
Not just seek, but find.
Not just look inward, but shift within.

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I wholeheartedly recommend The Inner Shift Institute. I studied psychology myself and have done various therapies with different therapists and methods (including kvt, EMDR) over the past 10 years. But I have never been able to work with anyone as profoundly and emotionally as with Jeanne in this Psilocybin session. I felt more supported, understood and seen than with any other therapist before. Jeanne managed to help me through my deepest abysses and worst feelings, and I always felt safe and held. In my opinion, she has the perfect mix of professionalism and warmth/closeness. I am infinitely happy to have found Jeanne and AWNH. I am incredibly grateful for their work and I wholeheartedly recommend the team of The Inner Shift Insitute!Ofri • Feb 09, 2023
Longlasting effects 1am writing again, 5 months after my initial session with the Inner Shift Institute and I can tell you that my life is completely and utterly different than before. I feel so much better, lighter and can enjoy life so much more than before. Yes, I do still have moments were I feel a bit down, but nothing compared to how it was before. And I learned from my integration session how to be with myself in these moments, so that they never last for too long. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and I would highly recommend working with AWNH. The Psilocybin did a lot, but it was the emotional safety that was created by the team of AWNH that made me feel safe enough to go as deep into the journey as I did. Thank you so much!.Moritz • May 06, 2023
In my early 20’s I had some highly positive lsd experiences and now in my 60’s I wanted to reboot my mind and recapture some of that sense of wonder again. After hearing about the great results at John Hopkins, I felt that the best experience had to be with a legal guide, as I did not feel that having done it before would help and I did not want anything to go wrong. The experience and preparation around it with Kerrie could not have been better. I wont go into my trip detail but I will say that I walked out of there on air with a feeling that transcends euphoria because it is a real oneness – a deep connection with the universe. Right up there with the births of my children. 4 months later I am still aware of positive benefits in my life outlook and have found daily meditation easy and natural [never did before] and helps me retain those feelings and benefits. I now realize how much a guide such as Kerrie can add: Simply, I have not met anyone else so completely present, highly intelligent and focused and always in the moment in the preparation and integration sessions. I also appreciated that while the ‘ceremony’ was venerated there was no hippie mumbo-jumbo that was present in all Michael Pollan’s US trips.Peter M. - New York
A feeling of freedom and belonging For the first time in my life I do not have a plan. I do not know what is coming next. Well I never did know, but I had this belief in my head that if I plan everything I am safe. I had to learn and will always learn how to let go. Let go of knowing. Let go of holding on. Today in this moment I can say I feel safe in the not knowing. Feeling absolutely free and safe in being free. And then I know there will be moments where I will be scared, scared of all this new, even tho it is amazing. This feeling of freedom is new to me. This feeling of belonging is new to me. This feeling of being part of a community is new to me. This feeling of being safe is new to me. This feeling of loving and being loved is new to me. Thank you Cony for walking with me this path to where I am today. Going with me through the deepest transformation of my life so far. Bringing me home to myself. Always here to support and guide me. Thank you! Cony works on a lot of different levels, she has a deep knowledge about human psychology, yoga and several different healing techniques. For me it is hard to put in words what exactly she does in her work where she combines all her knowledge and wisdom. I can best describe it with the words above, describing my state of being today. I will forever be grateful for her guiding me.- Anonymous
Caro is exceptional – she’s a very kind, empathic, and genuine person who supported me during the entire process. I can’t be grateful enough for what she did for me. Before I had my 2 psilocybin sessions, I felt stuck and spent over 10 years of my life trying to figure who I was and change the way I think. It wasn’t until I started working with Caro that I realized what was actually holding me back. So far, I feel that the insights, many of which I am still exploring and reflecting on, from my sessions helped me overcome the feeling of hopeless and look at life from a different perspective. This was my first experience with psilocybin and I felt anxious before each of the session. However, the care Caro took of me during and after the journeys has been impressive. During both days, she was fully present and her non-judgemental approach made me feel safe, which allow me to made the most of my experience. If you’re looking to explore your mind, I’d really recommend working with Caro. She’ll know how to ask you the right questions so that you’ll be guided and supported in the best way that works for you.Dominque

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Embarking on a journey with us can be life-changing, with clients often reporting emerging “reborn,” embracing self-confidence, and finding deeper meaning in life.

Private 1on1 Session

Explore your subconscious in a safe space and experience a breakthrough in your mental health with the full attention of one of our facilitators.

6 Day Group Retreat

Find self-acceptance, clarity, and connections in an emotionally supportive environment in our 5 star rated ‘The shift’ retreats. Based on 100+ reviews

Online Coaching

Discover meaning and joy in life through our online mentorship sessions, infused with optional microdosing and the transformative Inner Shift Method.

Our Upcoming Group Retreats

September: 21 until 27th 2024
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March: 1 until 7th 2025
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Our retreats change lives by giving you a physical and emotionally safe place to heal and explore yourself deeply.

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The Inner Shift Method

The Inner Shift Method merges psilocybin-assisted therapy with therapeutic subconscious reprogramming techniques such as inner child work, Internal Family Systems (IFS), mindfulness, and somatic practices.

What sets us apart is our active guidance throughout the journey, working synergistically with the psychedelic experience to ensure holistic healing and growth.

In this age of urgency.
Nothing is more important than connecting to:
Your inner self, your essence, your core.

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