I can say two things with full confidence. The first is that you could not ask for better than the Shift Retreat and the Inner Shift Institute team as you go through such a journey. The second is that it was one of the most important experiences of my life. Alice, and their team take a unique and integrative approach by blending methodologies from the best-of-all-worlds. It is rare to be able to find such intelligent, compassionate, and open people who do not stick to only one school of thought. This allows the participants to benefit from deep knowledge gained over generations in traditional practices as well as from cutting-edge research and therapeutic techniques. On top of the plant medicine, they also integrate several other wellness techniques that I have never seen before and that have significant value. I have always struggled to find wellness practices that I enjoy (and therefore stick to), and I have already begun integrating these into my life. I originally attended due to some trauma and grief in my adult life that left me struggling for years. However, the medicine is wise and it showed me that I first needed to work on healing some of the wounds of my adolescence that were causing underlying problems in my life. This had an immediate impact on my understanding, which in turn created some immediate benefit. Additionally, my understanding and healing has continued to unfold since the retreat as I continue my integration work. Please know that this is not an immediate cure-all like it can be made out to be. While it is very powerful, it is also hard work and requires a commitment to the process. It is ok and normal to be afraid. However, if you want to change your life and you’re willing to do the work/surrender to the process, then working with The Inner Shift Institute is by far the most powerful healing journey you can undertake.Nina A. - California, USA
There is so much that I could write about here. My personal circumstances growing up. The 10 year journey that led me to finally knocking on The Inner Shifts Institute door. The mix of trepidation and excitement I felt before undertaking my first sessions. The experience that I journeyed through in each session. Even the essential intention and integration time that bookended each session. While that all may or may not be interesting, it is essentially all part of the story. What actually happened was this. For the first time, I truly met myself. It would be more accurate to say “my-selves”. The selves that had been supressed, feared, shamed, fought, pushed away, and denied. In addition, the selves whose quest was to protect, help, be strong, rationalise, and value intellect. My 3, 8, 13, 17, 21 etc year old selves. It was thanks to the facilitators incredible and fathomless capacity for patience, compassion and understanding, I was able to embrace, forgive, show compassion for, understand, relieve, and simply be with my-selves. Moreover, at the core of all of these selves was calmness and peace. A sense of conscious being who’s, to quote me at the time, “simplicity was astounding”. It was pure. It was easy. I just was. It was everything that I was trying to protect, and for the first time I understood, it was me. Has this changed my life? Short answer, yes. The light that this has shone to the deep recessions of my heart and soul is undeniable and irreversible. Is life all beer and skittles now? Of course not. Life isn’t that simple. However, I now have my centre, my authentic self. I have an anchor point. From this place, life is slowly unfolding before me. I can only thank the team and the sessions for guiding me here. Not in a way that lead me, but by simply showing me the door and having the before mentioned patience, understanding and compassion to allow me to discover this for myself. Big Love. Thank you.Mike Gadd. Australia
In my early 20’s I had some highly positive lsd experiences and now in my 60’s I wanted to reboot my mind and recapture some of that sense of wonder again. After hearing about the great results at John Hopkins, I felt that the best experience had to be with a legal guide, as I did not feel that having done it before would help and I did not want anything to go wrong. The experience and preparation around it with The Inner Shift Institute could not have been better. I wont go into my trip detail but I will say that I walked out of there on air with a feeling that transcends euphoria because it is a real oneness – a deep connection with the universe. Right up there with the births of my children. 4 months later I am still aware of positive benefits in my life outlook and have found daily meditation easy and natural [never did before] and helps me retain those feelings and benefits. I now realize how much a guide and the team of TISI can add: Simply, I have not met anyone else so completely present, highly intelligent and focused and always in the moment in the preparation and integration sessions. I also appreciated that while the ‘ceremony’ was venerated there was no hippie mumbo-jumbo that was present in all Michael Pollan’s US trips.Peter M. - New York
Meeting the team of The Inner Shift Institute changed my life! I was interested in a psilocybin session and from the start they helped me in figuring out exactly what will be good for me. Alice made sure that I felt comfortable and prepared me for what was going to happen. She will help you go though this journey without agenda or judgement. This support gave me a sense of security and I really believe that it was the biggest factor in why my journey was so powerful. Since then, I am a better person, I have a better sense of direction in what I want to do in life, I’m a better husband and a better father.Assa
Before my psilocybin ceremony with Karlijn, I had never used psychedelic medication before. I had been suffering from depression and anxiety since I was a child. I tried 3 years of antidepressant medication and 6 years of psychological therapy but was never able to overcome my illness. It was by chance that I learnt about psychedelic therapies for depression in one of my modules at university. I was hesitant at first but I built up the courage to give it a try. I am so glad that I trusted my intuition and went with Karlijn as she has a very nurturing and comforting energy. She helped me feel relaxed and safe when my anxiety was very strong at the start of the journey. When I was sick from the truffles, Karlijn used her experience to prepare an alternative (truffle tea) and I had the most beautiful, transformative ceremony. For the first time in my adult life, I feel free and able to live my life without a dark cloud over my head. I would highly recommend Karlijn as a therapist if you want to connect deeply with your authentic self. You deserve to live a fulfilling life!A.H
A True Guide – One of our greatest concerns before beginning this journey was whether we would be in the hands of a trusted guide. Sanne was a true guide in every sense of the word. She was empathetic and understanding. She adapted to our needs when they changed and guided us through experiences that, in the wrong hands, could have been quite frightening. Instead she gave us the insight to understand and even accept what was frightening which opened up doors that lead to places of total awareness. Sanne was an integral part of this experience and when the way was unclear she seemed to know exactly what to do. Most of all, she made the experience what we needed and not what we wanted. In the moment this wasn’t always clear but by the end it was obvious. There are no words that can fully express the depths of gratitude we feel for her participation and guidance throughout this journey. At times we even were consciously aware of our gratitude and even thanked her (often through tears) during the journey. She was the Beatrice in a Divine Comedy we will never forget.L.T.
“My sessions with Lino were absolutely transformative. I came to the Netherlands at rock bottom in life, with a lot of unprocessed trauma and have felt stuck for several months despite conventional therapy. With Lino’s experience and expertise in inner/shadow work, he was able to guide me to discover deeper parts of myself that I was not aware of. After two ceremonies and integration sessions, I felt like there is a fertile ground for me to continue working on myself and healing, and feel a sense of hope for the first time in several months. Thank you so much Lino!”K.M
After struggling with depression for over 15 years and trying countless of hours with regular therapy sessions, the truffles sessions with Karlijn gave me the right tools to work with to improve my mental health. I felt I finally made the big leap needed to make sense of what was unclear or uncertain, and I feel a bigger appreciation and love for those around me. I was very nervous beforehand as I didn’t know what to expect or how I would react, but rest assured Karlijin has the perfect calming and nurturing presence you need to feel safe and vulnerable.”C.R.
It was not without some considerable anxiety that I approached the “Shift Retreat”. I had never taken Psilocybin and was quite worried about the potential for a “bad trip” to be frank. All 7 participants were met at the train station by Karl, (a lovely fellow and a great chef ) and ferried over to the house where we were warmly met by Alice. Over the next 7 days that warmness grew until I think we all felt a real sense of family as a group, something I had not expected at all. What was also unexpected was how much we did outside of the ceremonies and how truly valuable we all found this time. However, their experience with these substances and their deep understanding of the issues different participants were having was truly a remarkable thing to witness. I for one had absolutely no idea this week was going to be so powerful and valuable in helping me “shift” from where I have been to where I want to go. I can’t say that my psilocybin experience was easy, but at a couple of points where I felt in duress the facilitators came over to help guide me through. I can’t even begin to describe how important and valuable their intervention was. They did it with love and compassion and at a depth I have never really experienced before. Not only that, they seemed to instinctively know what and where the issues lay, they helped me see them and move through to a truly magical, even sacred place; an experience that I can’t describe in words but will never ever forget. The location, the food, the atmosphere of relaxed comradery they created were all wonderful, but it was the depth of their wisdom and compassionate insightful guidance that made it one of the most memorable, perhaps the most important weeks of my life, and I will be forever grateful to them both. If you are considering this retreat, I have only one final word for you…GO!John B. Montreal, Canada
If you’re thinking about taking a truffle journey, take the step and take it with Karlijn. The feelings of comfort, safety and care that Karlijn brings helped me to make the most of my experience and afterwards to understand how to integrate it into my life. For me the journey was transformative and I wholeheartedly recommend the experience to everyone.Anon.
My experience at the Shift Retreat was incredible. Having no prior experience with plant-based ceremony, I was initially a little anxious. From the moment we arrived at the retreat house the team of The Inner Shift Institute created a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for participants. They also supported participants in creating meaningful and supportive relationships with each other, furthering our group connection. The psilocybin journey itself was not always easy, but the kind attention and intuitive care provided by Jeanne, Alice and Sanne ensured that I felt supported and held during difficult moments. When things were hard or frustrating, I never felt alone. I left the retreat with a greater and more loving understanding of myself – I’m forever grateful for the experience.Julie - USA/New Mexico
My experience with The Inner Shift Institute was simply one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. I was personally guided by Alice which is probably the most gentle and patient soul I’ve ever met. When it comes to doing psilocybin on your own vs guided, it’s not even a comparison! It truly changes everything and you really want someone like Alice to be there because there WILL be things that come up that you might not expect. The wisdom from the psilocybin will bring up, from our experiences, things that you need to be shown vs what you want to be shown. It could be something you’ve regretted not doing, an instance in your past that you never truly processed, one event that molded you unknowingly your entire life that you thought was you but was actually just an event in time that became you or like for me a trauma that I thought I got over but the child in me never did. Alice and her team have traveled the world so their knowledge and wisdom truly come out. Their work with your “inner child” is also something I’ve never experienced before which was so amazing for me but I won’t spoil that for you. If you’ve read Michael Pollan’s groundbreaking book How to Change Your Mind, you’ll know that most people will say just ONE guided experience with psilocybin can replace or is comparable to 10+ years of psychotherapy. Well that statement is 100% accurate. Don’t do it on your own because you won’t even come close to getting what you want out of the experience. My wife is already booked for another retreat with The Inner Shift Institute (which she would NEVER have traveled on her own to another country before this) and we are both booked for another trip 4 months from now as well. It’s THAT profound. Stop searching. You’ve found your healers. Stop the excuses and travel to Amsterdam. It will change your life.James D., Austin, Texas
Alice is a wonderful person who inspires me time and again through her curiosity and passion to discover new territory of thought. With love and devotion she brings manifestations in her life to fruition. Everything she teaches and facilitates, she has experienced and road-tested intensely on herself. Whatever she does, she does it consciously and puts all of herself into it. Alice can open doors for you that lead you to insights, solutions, answers and healing. Through her ability to feel and see your needs and emotions, she creates a safe space perfectly fitted for you to discover yourself. She has the gift to hold you when you fall, to lead you back on track when you get lost and strengthen you when you feel weak. She is a person who I would trust with my life, my soul, my heart and my body.Shari Ruppert, Amsterdam, Netherlands | https://facebook.com/ShariIntuitiveGuidance/
The shift retreat was singlehandedly the most spiritual experience of my life. I had a few experiences with mushrooms in the past. One of those experiences was very challenging. So I entered the retreat with some anxiety. On top of that, I wasn’t sure what to expect tripping in a room full of “strangers”. I can tell you that by the time the first ceremony happened on the 3rd day, the other participants were anything but strangers. The team does an amazing job setting the tone, training your mind to prepare for the journey and integrating the group together. The group environment made the experience so much better. Not only are the other participants not strangers, we have all built a deep bond that seems impossible over one week. We are all planning a reunion retreat in the next year to get the group back together. If you are working on something in your life that you want to change….stuck in your career, relationship issues, depressions, etc… this retreat is the place for you. I’m so glad that I did it. I’m very grateful for the support and guidance that Kerrie and Alice provided. They are two of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met.Jason P., Indianapolis, USA
I felt incredibly safe to take my shamanic journey into myself, shadows and all, with the loving support of these two shamans and small group of fellow journey-ers. Also the most delicious healthy food was provide I felt very taken care of.Lesa Spravka, Chicago, USA.
I was one of the participants on the first retreat. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was better than I could have imagined. The retreat hosts, use a fully integrative approach to healing with psilocybin, offering days of self-exploration and emotional healing processes in between the ceremonies. I was left with a much deeper understanding of myself and my struggles. I am very glad I went through this retreat, and particularly glad that it was with the people, guides, and in the setting that it was. I would not have been able to come to understand so much had it not been so well planned and conducted with such love and care. I have been to one other retreat like this with different hosts, and while that one was also overall a positive experience, this one was much better. The small group setting combined with the skills of trained, experienced, intuitive guides made this experience especially powerful.Thora Inna Nelson, Portland, USA.
I felt safe working with Alice. She provided an environment that promoted healing, where I could go into my deepest, darkest shadows and know I would be held. The results I have had after working with her have been completely liberating. During one of my sessions with her, I went into the shame that I had been storing in my thighs my entire life. Since I was a young girl I have hated my thighs, it has always been my “problem area” and despite being thin, eating well, and exercising religiously I could never change my thighs. After this session my entire perspective on my thighs changed. For the first time in my life I could look in a mirror and not pick a part that part of my body. This has not only changed how I think about them they have actually changed shape. I fit in a jean size I have never worn before and I cant attribute this to any other change in my life. To have such a drastic result that has lasted with no conscious effort on my part is a priceless gift. It is because Alice and the medicine she uses allows you to get to the roots of the issues held deep within the subconscious mind. Working with her is a git I hope to do again and I would recommend her to anyone.Candace Weller, Utah, USA
What was great about Alice’s presence is that each time I looked up from being engrossed in myself on my solo-journey, Alice’s soft attention was on me. Whenever I ’emerged’, I emerged to full attention and a peaceful presence. Knowing everything was right in the room and I was being cared for, allowed me to go wherever I needed to go inside my own experience. I particularly value her honouring the wisdom of my own process, supporting it but letting it unfold on it’s own. The integration call afterwards was also tremendously valuable. It helped me connect back to the rest of the world and my life, afterwards.Sarah V, Belgium
Having done my first psilocybin retreat 9 months ago I kind of knew what to expect or so I thought. It was completely different in so many ways. Personally the first ceremony was hard on me but very necessary as I needed my heart to be opened up and it certainly did that. The second ceremony was a wonderful experience somethings I can’t explain in words and I don’t want to or need to. If I could offer any guidance on the medicine it is to just let it do its work on you. To Alice, Sanne and Jeanne thank you so much for looking after us all so well over the week It was a magical 7 days. I will definitely be returning some day.M. Bowland
Liberation! Working with the team of The Inner Shift Institute has changed my life. Attending the Shift Retreat, doing extra one-on-one integration sessions afterwards, really deeply shifted my life. These women are something else. They truly embody what they teach and this goes so much further than a simple Psychedelic Experience. The integration is key and A Whole New High really truly knows how to do that. If you are ready for a change in your life, come here!Rosie
The best gift I could possibly give myself. It’s hard to describe in words the amazing experience I had with Caro and The Inner Shift Institute. Before contacting The Inner Shift Institute I had researched the internet looking for information and trying to decide if this was right for me and my situation. I had read so many different stories and was a little bit afraid and it was all a big tabu. When I contacted The Inner Shift Institute I immediately felt that I was dealing with serious and professional people. I felt that there was no “hippyness” or “alternative vibe” to their approach. It was solid and professional and was based on the magic medicine which is psilocybin. Once contact was made, Alice and her team were very accomodating and sent me all the information I needed to make my experience the best possible. The experience itself was nothing like what I’d expected. It was a pleasant surprise. It was mind blowing and allowed me to understand things about myself in the most profound way. I’d tried for many years to figure out and cure the dark cloud that was hanging over me. It took eight hours and two psilcybin sessions assisted by Caro to change my existance in the most positive way. Gone is the dark cloud that hung over me for so long. Thanks to those two sessions with Caro I now have light in my life. The sun is shining bright and my existence is so much better. Now it’s up to me to continue to integrate what I’ve learned about myself. Caro is a great human being. I felt totally safe and comfortable throughout the whole experience, thanks to her presence. She was 100% professional. Her kind nature made what was initially a daunting experience a real easy one. For anyone reading this all I can say is that it really works. You can learn profound things about yourself which will benefit your life. But you must be willing to put in the work after the experience to integrate what you have learned.Sarah V, Belgium
Empathic, compassionate, respectful and present nature. When Rachel accompanied me on this journey in expanded states of consciousness, I felt very safe and comfortable because of her empathic, compassionate, respectful and present nature. This allowed me to dive deep into my subconscious. During integration, she managed to get to the point with her clarity. When I met her, I immediately felt that I could trust her and that I didn’t feel judged by her. I am very grateful to her for her very valuable support.Kristie
My girlfriend and I did a 1 day retreat in Maastricht. Lino was our guide, and from our first introduction via Skype to the day of the ceremony he was extremely kind, knowledgeable and patient with us. It was not my first experience with psychedelics, but my first time with a guide and I would highly recommended it to anyone. Maastricht is a beautiful city and this retreat was the best way for us to begin a weeklong trip in the Netherlands.Anon
A wonderful, impactful experience I had such an impactful experience guided by Sanne. She was open and informative beforehand and made me feel comfortable sharing my intention. During the experience, I felt so comfortable knowing that she was there – she has a wise, calming, warm presence that put me at ease. Afterwards, during the integration session, she held space for me to share my entire journey adding insightful thoughts on my experience. I highly recommend working with Sanne – she is wonderful.Tess
The best experience of my life! This was truly the best experience of my life. It was challenging yes, but having Jeanne by my side, guiding me through the challenging emotions, made it so much easier. I feel liberated! I can highly recommend The Inner Shift Institute, Jeanne made me feel absolutely safe and made it easy for me to open up.Anton
I had taken Iboga for the first time in my life and it was very intense and overwhelming. Having Alice with me as I came out of my ceremony made me feel so safe and heard. She asked me all the right questions and she was very interested in all of my stories I felt the need to tell. She helped me integrate and relive my experience. I felt that the most thing I needed was for someone to just hear me without being judgmental and to help me integrate my visions into my life and I couldn’t have asked for a better support than Alice.Mark Morales, Malta | https://www.markmorales.net/
What a journey! What, a, journey. This is not an easy one by any means, but you will come out laughing in the end no doubt, with Alice’s guidance. She is very well versed in the language of your soul and well aware of how to navigate through your inner self and reestablish a healthy relationship and a venue of communication between you and YOU ;), and help you find your own answers. She has different tools at her disposal in case you get stuck and knows how to use them, safely. If you are serious about your spiritual journey and making some lasting changes in your life for the better, this, is, it; and remember, if you don’t go within, you go without, just keep swimmin’Sebastien T., Haiti
I thought I knew the power of psychotropic medicine and the realms it can take me until the day Alice guided me on a journey that I can possibly describe as the most meaningful and beautiful encounter with myself, my inner children and what I suddenly remembered as my past and my truth, that I’ve ever had. I thought that I knew my past. It is incredible how her unconditional trust and presence and questions at the right time took me on a journey that allowed me to rediscover my truth. Alice’s presence allowed me to feel safe with my self and my emotions. I felt so validated for who I am. I didn’t feel any shame in expressing my deepest emotions. That alone was so healing. Alice’s presence was so nourishing and encouraged me to face shit I would have never wanted to face otherwise. Not being on my own, feeling the unconditional presence of her heart made me trust my emotions.Frédéric Dick, Student (MA Philosophy), Vienna, Austria
“Caro is an incredibly insightful practitioner. She is able to get under the skin of trauma, understand how it can affect and change people, and then importantly provide coping strategies. With very careful, patient and sensitive coaching she was able to help discover new ways of reframing depressive episodes into something more manageable. During the whole the new high retreat she was very empathetic and understanding and helped guide us on the psychedelic journey in a very safe manner. She provides an important and invaluable service. Very highly recommended.”R.R - London
Profound Healing! – My session with Jeanne was super important for me. I reached a deep wound that I have carried with me for a long time. My thinking has changed and I feel more empowered in life. Now I know that I have possibilities and that I can bring them into my life. That is worth so much for me because it makes me act differently. And that is so good. Thank you so much Jeanne, your work is so incredibly important and I value it highly. Thank you!!Veronica
“For some years I held an unexpressed judgment inside of me, about my seemingly unacceptable desires and I was convinced that everyone else would judge me and reject me, the same way I was judging myself. When I was ready and asked Alice for her assistance I still felt slightly scarred, but I eventually opened up enough to trust her. When I allowed her to see me in this place, I never wanted to be seen in, what happened was truly amazing. She did not judge me and I felt held in an authentic and compassionate space. What I love about Alice is that her wisdom comes from the heart and her own life experience. She is humble and intuitive, with a sense of humour and childlike curiosity. When I realized that she didn’t judge me, a chain reaction started and I had to acknowledge that it’s possible to look at my feelings from a non-judgmental perspective, which then led me to forgive myself and being able to laugh again. What a breakthrough! Thank you Alice.”Yannick L., Belgium
Great experience Sanne made it so effortless. Her support was comforting but not overbearing, allowing me to explore within my boundaries. Highly recommended!Anon
Reborn- From the first moment I met Caro, I knew that she saw right through my mask. It felt so good to open up to her and I trusted her immediately. I loved her relaxed and grounded energy. Going into the journey I was able to fully let go because I knew I was in good hands. The journey was intense and beautiful, scary and liberating. I was able to dive super deep because I felt so safe and in moments when I needed guidance, Caro was there to ask the exact right questions to guide me into my body to feel my emotions, so I could finally let them go. This was no walk in the park by no means, but it was so worth it. I cannot image having a better guide than Caro. I feel like parts of me have died and I am reborn.Anon
A clear mirror – I have had a great experience with Caro. The Psilocybin is such an amazing tool and Caro’s guidance was like a deep calm in a stormy ocean. She was my rock. The experience felt like looking into a clear mirror which reflected deeper layers of my intentions. It helped me immensely to recognise my patterns. I would recommend to work with Caro because she is so good at simplifying what feels like too much in this world. We are like a brush dipped into a rainbow paint and it’s sometimes hard to sort these energies out in order to have a base or calmness. To select the colours we want to work with, it’s important to clear that. And to simply handle the invisible in order to create the visible results we want. Thank you Caro for helping me see clearly!Gianni
Alice guided me into a space of “knowing my self” where I could finally find ground underneath my feet and find “my inner guide” … It was the first time in my life I could see that it’s true, our emotions are literally a guidance system, not less connected to our higher self than any other part of us, if integrated. There is so much knowing I have never allowed myself to express. Even “I know” has a feeling side to it that needed to be allowed in the first place. Alice is a wonderful guide. You know if someone is a good guide if she guides you into a space where finding your truth leads to so much empowerment that you don’t long for guidance no more.Frédéric Dick, Student (MA Philosophy), Vienna, Austria
If you made it this far, then you probably read all about Psylocibin and it’s potential benefits, so i’ll spare you the introduction. If you are just looking for a high, please go to your local dealer, but! if you are serious about your healing journey, looking to explore the depth of your inner self, and resolve deep rooted, lingering and limiting issues, hidden deep down in your subconscious, then look no further…Be aware that the subconscious is vast and powerful realm and not easy to navigate without proper guidance. With The Inner Shift Institutes program, and the set and setting they so carefully and lovingly provide, you will be able to sail these uncharted waters with direction and purpose and have epiphanies, breakthroughs, self revelations, the likes of which you have yet to experience. This is not just a high….It’s a whole new high 😉 wishing all you brave ones safe travels within. Love and light.Sebastien Lopez, Haiti
Sanne met all my expectations and then some! After reading Michael Pollen’s How To Change Your Mind, I decided to try a psychedelic psilocybin experience to address some unresolved issues I have carried with me for a number of years. Having had a negative LSD experience many years ago, I wanted an option that was safe, private and in my own home. I chose the one-on-one guided experience with Sanne, which met all my expectations and then some! Sanne held space for me and her presence allowed me to go deeper and really be open to it. The integration session afterwards was also very valuable as it helped me to process the key takeaways and carry those through to my daily life. Highly recommended this experience as an investment into one’s mental health and wellbeing.Cheryl
For even more reviews… all verified, you can visit this link below | https://retreat.guru/centers/870-1/#reviews