If you’re reading this, you know life was meant for more.

You want to feel re-centred, find a clear path forward and re-design your life.

And ……you’re ready to try out something different, you’re ready to experience a shift.

That voice inside you is right. You are here for more!

More clarity. More purpose. More meaning. More vitality, More excitement.

This is your moment: the time for you to dive deep and release the burdens that have been keeping you down.

You’re here to feel alive.

You’re here to remember who you came here to be!

If you have found yourself here, you have probably heard about the healing and brain resetting capacities of psychedelics, have maybe even experienced them and would now love to try them for yourself with an experienced guide n a safe and legal setting.


Did you know there is a difference between simply taking a psychedelic and having your life truly altered by it? It is possible to take psychedelics for years without experiencing much change in your outlook and your life at all and many people do.


We love this quote, Why? Because it encapsulates the exact difference between taking drugs to get high and inviting in a conscious experience with a plant as medicine. Most people aren’t exactly sure HOW to create this difference for themselves and that’s perfectly ok. This is where we, as Therapists and Integration Practitioners can alter your experience from a fun and interesting but non-eventful trip to a heart-opening meeting of the self that will shift your life and way of being to a newfound place.

If you want to get crazy high, focus solely on seeing colours and shapes and/or trip out to music without really looking at yourself, that’s totally fine, but we are not the right guides for you.

If, however, you wish to:

Gain a clear path forward and redesign your life
Look deeply into yourself, rediscover who you are, learn what you truly want from life and discover how to get there.

Feel comfortable in your own skin

Discover aspects of yourself that you have buried or don’t even realise you have forgotten

Create lasting positive changes in your life

Re-connect with yourself and the world around you in a profound and fulfilling way

Then look no further, we are the right guides for you.



Psilocybin or its derivative Psilocin are both a naturally occurring psychedelic compounds found in more than 180 species of hallucinogenic mushrooms and truffles all around the world.

For thousands of years psilocybin mushrooms and truffles have been used in religious and shamanic ceremonies in many different cultures around the world. Nowadays psilocybin has shown to be one of the most effective therapeutic assistants for the treatment of depression, cluster headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorders, PTSD, anxiety, as well as addiction.

Healing Depression with Psilocybin
Reprograming your mind with Psychedelics


Many psychedelic voyagers have their trip assisted by a traditional trip sitter, whose role is to act as an anchor and resting place as well as providing physical safety throughout the experience. We believe this is incredibly helpful, however the content we teach along with the guidance and support that we provide at our retreats extends this to a much deeper level. We will lead you through your subconscious mind using your intention as a compass.

Using our intuition and experience, we will ask you the right questions at the
right time to guide you deeply into a place of clarity and fulfilment. With profound trust in your own inner wisdom, we do not provide the answers for you but rather lead you to a place in which you can find these truths within yourself Even if you find it difficult right now to believe that you hold this wisdom and clarity within you, fear not, we are fully confident and experienced in guiding you there. Our methods develop selfconfidence, self-trust, clear intuition and empowerment within our clients.

When needed, we will help you to embrace difficult moments and surrender to uncomfortable emotions, teaching you how to work with your resistance instead of it working against you so that even what could be a frightening trip can transform into an experience of awareness and bliss. If you are fearful of a “bad” or “frightening” trip, rest assured we can guide you through such challenges as they arise leading you from a place of fear to a highly spiritual, liberating and transformative experience.

Guiding Tool

We use the following different tools to guide you into liberation and release:

Music and Instruments
Constellation Work
Parts Work
Breath Work
Emotional Vipassana
Somatic Therapy
Soul Retrieval
Energy Work

To get the most out of your experience, we recommend to book an additional integration session which can take place the day after your experience or some time later via an online call.

Even more important than these tools is our trust in your own inner healer and our trust in ourselves to awaken this healer within you. With this trust we help you to lead yourself out of resistance into flow. We teach you life skills that stay with you long after the Psychedelic Experience has ended.



Where And What?

We work in Maastricht and Amsterdam in The Netherlands, where Psilocybin is legal in the form of truffles. We offer private, partner and group ceremonies. We also travel to places where these substances are legal by request.

A Private Psilocybin Therapy Session includes a 40 minute preparation session via Zoom or Skype to get to know you, discuss your dosage, answer your questions and help you to get clear on your intention. You will have your own private trauma integration facilitator present with you a the full day which lasts approx 6-7 hours to assist you on your journey within.

The journey itself can be anything from 4-6 hours.We come to your temporary accommodation in Maastricht, South of The Netherlands or Amsterdam. We recommend choosing a comfortable, cosy and private space on Airbnb, and can offer a suggestion for this if you wish. We did provide a ceremony room in the past but we have found that it is more beneficial for our clients to be in their own space as they will not have to travel when the session is complete.

You will still feel quiet sensitive after the 5-7 hour session and a walk through the city often feels overwhelming, plus this is an incredibly valuable time for reflection and stillness, so we come to you

How ?

Both Private and Group Ceremonies are scheduled during day time and last 6-7 hours. We ask you not to plan anything afterwards but just to be with yourself fully for the rest of the day until you go to sleep, or have a supportive friend or partner with you. When we arrive at your place, we will speak about how you feel and address any last concerns that you have and when you are ready you will take in the Psilocybin truffles.

After consuming the truffles it will take from 30 to 60 minutes for the effects to start. In some rare cases it can take up to 2 hours. The effects will last from 4 to 6 hours. We will stay with you for the entire session, guiding you through the experience. We will help you to stay present with your intention. If however, during the experience your feel like you want a moment of privacy this is of course provided and we would move to another room within safety for brief periods.

We open our ceremonies with a meditation and take you through a process to help bring you towards your intention. We work energetically to cleanse the energies while you are journeying. We also assist you when an emotion or trauma arises, something you maybe re-experiencing from childhood, your more recent past or indeed currently and provide the missing experience (meaning whatever was missing in the situation to help you to deal with the emotions at the time). We are skilled and experienced in both parts-work and shamanic soul retrieval. We guide you through challenges during the experience (if needed,).

We are a physical aid and are there when you come out of your experience as a
source of support and care and someone for your to share your experience and insights with which is an important part of integration. After your Psilocybin Experience you can choose to have optional or even several integration sessions (in person or online) on the following day and/or in the days/weeks following your Psilocybin experience. 1 Integration session is recommended per psilocybin
therapy session.

How To Prepare ?

There is no special diet needed to participate in a Psilocybin Therapy Session, however we do recommend vegan food prior to the session to cleanse your body energetically. We ask you to come to the ceremony with an empty but not starving stomach (no food 2 hours before the session starts). And if possible avoid coffee or caffeinated tea and beverages on the morning of the experience. Alcohol is best avoided for at least 3 days before the experience.

If you don’t already have a meditation practice beginning one can, while not
essential be very helpful within the experience. Prior to you coming to The Netherlands, we will have a 40 minute online call together, where we get to know each other a little and answer any questions you may have. We will advise you on diet etc, essential precautions, legalities, possible side effects and how to best minimise and deal with them. We will prepare you emotionally and mentally on what to expect, connect you to your intention, ultimately preparing you to get the most out of your trip.

We will help you to create a powerful but short intention that you can easily remember while journeying into other dimensions which will serve as an anchor during your experience. Together we will decide what dose you will take depending on the intensity you wish for the experience as well as your sensitivity level.

What Happens During An Integration Session ?

Integration sessions take place after a ceremony you have experienced with us. During our Integration Session we will provide a safe space for you to share the insights received on your journey. Each integration session is different as it is very much catered to what you specifically need that day. We tune into what this is for you and work from there.

If you are open to it, there will be opportunities to reveal the layers of your behavioural patterns, coping mechanisms and conditionings of your early life experience. We might use a modality called parts-work to speak to different inner aspects that may have surfaced during the ceremony or we may use other modalities such as inner child work to help you come to a place of integration within.

We may find that you simply need to talk and share you experience to a present and empathetic listener. Or we can help you to create an action plan, guiding you on how to take steps forward based on what you learned within your experience so that you can embody and live out the insights that the journey gave you.


You will find many more questions answered on our FAQ page. Please visit here before writing to us, we receive many inquiries and this will allow you to receive your answer without needing to wait for our response.


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