Since 2018, we’ve developed the Inner Shift Method, a meticulously crafted approach tailored for profound transformation through psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions.


1. Creating an Emotionally Safe Space

The foundation of our method is establishing not only a physically safe environment but also an emotionally secure space. By embracing emotional validation and removing the shame around emotions, we empower you to freely explore the depths of your subconscious mind. This unreserved acceptance encourages you to express and navigate through your emotions with ease, making it possible to dive deep into self-exploration and healing.


2. Compassionate Inquiry

Unlike many providers who choose not to intervene during the journey, we actively engage with you by asking purposeful questions that align with your intentions and healing goals. Given the heightened state of consciousness induced by psilocybin, you are better equipped to uncover and understand deep insights. These timely inquiries guide you towards profound realizations and facilitate a transformative healing process. Our clients share with us how important these questions were to be directed into the right direction on their psilocybin journey.


3. Subconscious Reprogramming

Core beliefs about unworthiness, unlovability, or insufficiency can deeply affect your life. Our method utilizes subconscious reprogramming techniques during the peak moments of the psilocybin journey to address and shift these detrimental beliefs. This pivotal aspect of the Inner Shift Method allows you to emerge from the experience with a newfound love and acceptance for yourself, transforming your internal narrative.


4. Empathetic Reflection

A pivotal element of the Inner Shift Method is our role as empathetic mirrors during your journey. Our facilitators are not just observers; they deeply empathize with and reflect your experiences. This profound level of empathy ensures that you feel seen, understood, and supported at every step. By resonating with your emotional landscape, we offer guidance and validation that enhance the therapeutic process, making your journey towards healing and self-discovery a shared and deeply validated experience. This approach fosters a powerful sense of connection and trust, allowing for a more open and transformative session.


5. Trauma Healing

From years of experience, we know that psilocybin experiences can unlock the subconscious, potentially bringing traumatic memories to the forefront – even those long forgotten. These may be deeply ingrained memories from early childhood or even birth. These memories can be visual memories or emotional memories. Our facilitators are adept at identifying and guiding you through these pivotal moments of trauma, ensuring what could have been a distressing experience transforms into one of profound healing. This approach turns potential “bad trips” into therapeutic sessions, offering significant healing and growth.


6. Inner Child Work

When past traumas surface, we employ inner child work to navigate these challenging waters. Our facilitators are trained in trauma integration therapy, allowing us to guide you through moments of deep discomfort that may reemerge during a session. This aspect of our method involves nurturing and healing your inner child, offering the support and validation needed to heal old, unprocessed, longstanding emotional wounds. This aspect of our method ensures that healing is not just temporary but addresses the root causes of emotional pain, leading to lasting change.


7. Meeting Early Childhood Needs:

Our facilitators are adept at addressing needs that went unmet during your early childhood. If your psilocybin journey uncovers difficult memories rooted in unhealthy family dynamics, our facilitator embodies the role of a loving parent or caretaker, offering the support and nurturing previously absent. This unique aspect of our method provides a corrective emotional experience, promoting healing and closure.


8. Overcoming Resistance

It’s not uncommon to encounter resistance due to fear, a desire to control the experience, or mental overactivity. This inner resistance can block the psilocybin journey from starting, leaving the participant in a waiting state. Our method includes proven therapeutic tools to help you move beyond these barriers. By shifting from a state of mental resistance to one of bodily presence, we facilitate the commencement of the psilocybin journey, enabling you to access the transformative potential of the experience fully.


9. Nervous System Regulation

A key component of our approach involves working with your nervous system through somatic techniques. By helping you regulate your nervous system, we enhance your ability to stay present and connected throughout the journey, ensuring a more grounded and transformative experience.


10. Trusting Your Inner Healer:

An integral part of our method is recognizing when to allow space for the psilocybin to guide the process and when to intervene. We respect the healing and learning facilitated by the medicine, choosing not to intervene when you are in a space of growth and surrender. Trust in your inner healer is paramount, balancing guidance with the autonomy of your journey.


11. Integration:

A critical phase of the Inner Shift Method, integration bridges the gap between your psilocybin experience and your daily life. This process involves consolidating the insights, emotional breakthroughs, and transformative realizations into actionable steps and sustainable changes. Our facilitators guide you through reflecting on your journey, identifying key learnings, and applying them to create meaningful, lasting changes in your life. This ensures that the profound shifts experienced during the retreat continue to enrich and guide you long after the immediate effects of psilocybin have subsided, making your transformation a lasting cornerstone of your personal growth and development.

The Inner Shift Method is a holistic approach that integrates modern psychological techniques with the ancient wisdom of psilocybin, offering a comprehensive path to healing, self-discovery, and profound personal growth. Through this method, we support you in navigating the complexities of your inner world, leading to lasting transformation and a deeper connection with your true self.


We guide transformative inner shifts, helping you move from challenging states to empowering realizations.

We specialise in people who have mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety & social anxiety, OCD, PTSD, imposter syndrome and/or are neurodivergent (ADHD, autism, gifted).

We help those who feel stuck or overwhelmed or are looking for a sense of deeper meaning and fulfilment in life.

Our focus ranges from transcending feelings of inadequacy to recognizing your inherent worthiness, shedding facades for authentic self-expression, transitioning from depression to renewed joy, and guiding you from anxiety to calm assurance.

Additionally, we offer pathways for those navigating neurodivergence struggles to embrace their unique abilities, transform mental struggles into clarity and strength, find purposeful action and ease, discover deep fulfillment, foster comfortable social engagement, heal from PTSD, and shift from imposter syndrome to confident self-belief.

  • From an Inner Sense of Not Feeling Good Enough to Feeling Unconditionally Worthy: We help you transcend deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy, leading you to recognize and embrace your inherent worthiness of love and success.
  • From Hiding Behind a Mask to Authentic Self-Expression: We support you in shedding the facades, allowing your true self to shine forth confidently and freely.
  • From Depression to Emotional Balance and Renewed Joy: Transition from the grips of depression to experiencing life with renewed enthusiasm, energy, and a sense of well-being.
  • From Anxiety to Calm Assurance: We guide you from states of anxiety to feelings of peace, grounding, and inner safety, enabling a calm and assured engagement with life.
  • From Neurodivergence Struggles to Embraced Unique Abilities: For those navigating neurodivergence, including ADHD, autism, and hypersensitivity, we offer pathways from feeling at odds with the world to embracing and leveraging your unique gifts and perspectives.
  • From Mental Struggles to Clarity and Strength: Transform mental struggles into clarity of thought and emotional resilience, empowering you to face life’s challenges with newfound strength.
  • From Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed to Purposeful Action and Ease: Move from feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed by life to finding clear direction, purpose, and a sense of ease in your path forward.
  • From a Sense of Life’s Meaninglessness to Discovering Deep Fulfillment: We help pivot from existential voids to discovering and living a life filled with deep meaning and fulfillment.
  • From Social Anxiety to Comfortable Social Engagement: Transition from social anxiety to feeling comfortable and genuine in social situations, fostering meaningful connections.
  • From PTSD to Healing and Wholeness: Guide those affected by PTSD from the shadows of their past traumas to healing and a sense of wholeness, integrating and overcoming their experiences.
  • From Imposter Syndrome to Confident Self-Belief: Shift from the debilitating doubts of imposter syndrome to a place of confident self-belief and acknowledgment of your capabilities and achievements.

Our approach, rooted in the Inner Shift Method, is designed to navigate these transitions, supporting a journey from present challenges to a future of greater emotional and mental freedom.






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