“I am feeling like I’m reborn,” Tom said, describing the aftermath of The Shift Retreat, a 6 day Psilocybin assisted therapy retreat in the Netherlands . “There’s a certain heaviness, like a black cloud that’s been following me for so long has shifted. It feels like it’s no longer there. And I just feel light.”

What had been a constant churning heaviness had now sunk into peace. Every morning since the retreat, he woke up feeling light, calm and undeniably free. A peace of mind he doesn’t remember experiencing before.

“The week has been amazing. One of the best experiences of my life.”

The Highs and Lows of a Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Retreat:
Terrifying yet Beautiful Simultaneously

Each retreat comes with its distinguished moments, but the therapeutic Psilocybin ceremonies were the highlight of Tom’s journey. The first ceremony, left him exposed to the dark, facing his fears and demons. Surprisingly, it was terrifying yet beautiful simultaneously. As they say, the moment of discomfort is the start of a great journey.

“From that first Psilocybin Ceremony, as soon as I came back down to Earth, back into my body, I wanted to write and journal about everything that I experienced during that ceremony.”

The second ceremony brought light where there was darkness, a stark contrast to his previous experience. It lit up a path and showed a way forward that he hopes to follow as he leaves the Shift Retreat.

The Power of Integration after the Psilocybin Therapy

These ceremonies gave rise to some intense feelings which were challenging to process. That’s when the integration process came in, cementing the experience and giving clarity.

Tom describes it: “It was an amazing time to really cement what happened in the day before. So for me, the group sharing was a moment of vulnerability that took a lot of courage to express.”

The group sharing sessions were powerful, highlighting the importance of integrating experiences with others. It didn’t just provide clarity but brought forth a stronger connection to the journey he was undertaking.

Praises and Thankfulness to the Psilocybin therapists and facilitators of The Inner Shift Institute – A High Performing Team

“Amazing. Absolutely amazing,” says Tom, about the team that organized the retreat. “They were meticulous, and their genuine care and empathy added a whole new level to the experience.”

The fear surrounding the ceremony days was lessened by the reassuring presence of the team who was there, guiding his through the journey.

“There’s just a real sense that you guys have genuine care and empathy towards us.”

Uncovering Vulnerability – Inspiring Others to Join the 6 Day Psilocybin Retreat

As for advice to future curious minds, he says,

“Please do it. You might be scared. We were all scared coming into this. A lot of us have never experienced anything like this, but it is one of the best things that I’ve ever done.”

And why would he recommend this? Simple. He believes that when one exposes their vulnerability, it inspires others to do the same. It’s like becoming a beacon of light, influencing everyone around them. His plea to others signifies the impact of such an experience.

As we concluded our conversation, Tom talked about the group dynamics. Initially nervous about being around a crowd, he ended up seeing profound value in the process.

“The group sharing circles that we did – initially I found really hard, but by the end, I felt so comfortable just being my authentic self around people who were complete strangers four or five days ago, who are now like lifelong friends.”

The people who were strangers days ago became lifelong friends, reflecting the profound sense of connection he developed with everyone.

So there it is. A rejuvenating journey through a week-long Psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands that brought out the light from darkness, replaced heaviness with peace, and built connections that will last a lifetime.

It’s clear that such retreat experiences can be transformative in ways that are difficult to imagine before we embark on them.

The transformation from Tom’s personal story serves as a testament to this power.

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