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(inspired by MDMA)

I am standing here with both feet in the ocean.

The sun shines on me and lightens up my darkest shadow.

I close my eyes. I feel incredible gratitude for this moment and everything it holds.

Magic surrounds me. I feel the beauty of Mother Earth. I see how perfectly imperfect she is. In this instant, I am fearless. I know that everything is part of an unplanned, but divine, plan.

My friends are here with me. They are the most amazing people I have ever met. I feel that I belong.

They see me. I see myself.

I see my pain. I see how all of the pain in my life was necessary to bring me here to create this exact moment.

I think of my parents. I think of everybody who has ever caused me pain. In the light of this moment, I have a comfortable and overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.

And I thank them from the bottom of my heart for leading me toward the creation of this magical, heartfelt moment.

Thank you, Mummy. Thank you, Daddy.

Thank you for the pain.

I am able to see that my soul had longed for the hurt. It wanted expansion. It wanted contrast. Every wound of the past prepared me to fully experience this day of bliss and peacefulness.

Mummy, Daddy. Thank you for traveling with me through this life on a bumpy road of pain.

Pain—that I transformed into my greatest life lessons.

Pain—that I transformed into happiness.

Thank you for this moment.

Thank you for the pain.

Photo Credit: “The Shadows We Follow” byBrooke Shaden, Thank you Brooke.

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