How Psychedelic Assisted Therapy has Transformed My Life: A Personal Journey

Psychedelics have been known to produce profound changes in perception, mood, and cognitive processes. However, this article is not about science but rather about a personal journey- my journey. I’ll highlight three ways that psychedelics have drastically improved my life.


1. Psychedelic Assisted Therapy helped me to create a Healthy Relationship With my Emotions

Undoubtedly, one of the most transformative aspects of my psychedelic assisted therapy was its influence on my emotional health. The journey induced by these substances enabled me to form a healthier relationship with my emotions, one marked by acceptance and understanding rather than fear and suppression.


Creating Emotional Safety

The psychedelic experiences provided a safe environment, almost like a cocoon, for me to feel my emotions freely. This emotional nurturing was crucial in enabling me to establish healthier connections with my feelings.

Psychedelic assisted therapy showed me that it’s safe to feel.”

It was like swinging open the shutters of a dusty old room and letting in fresh light and clean air. I was better able to discern the scope and scale of my emotional landscape and navigate it more effectively.


Reconnecting With Emotions

Beyond just making it safe to feel, psychedelic assisted therapy also aided in developing a newfound connection with my emotions. It was as if I was meeting some emotions, tragic or joyous, for the first time.

“Psychedelics really helped me reconnect to my emotions.”


2. Psychedelic Assisted Therapy helped me to Expand my Perspective and Change my Worldview

The second major breakthrough came in the form of an eye-opening shift in my worldview. Psychedelics demonstrated to me that the world, as we perceive it, is not as rigid as it seems.


Challenging Established Narratives

“Psychedelics have shown me that I can simply change my perspectives.”

By enabling vivid visualizations and unique thought processes, psychedelics questioned the “rules” that had been imprinted on my mind since childhood. This exposure helped me understand that many things I had learned growing up were not necessarily truths etched in stone; rather, they were lenses through which I had learned to view the world.


Discovering Personal Power

An empowering revelation was the ability to decide for myself whether to accept the learned narratives or form new ones. Psychedelics illustrated that my perception of reality could be independent of preconceived notions and societal expectations.


3. Psychedelic Assisted Therapy helped me to Foster Inner Growth

Arguably the most profound impact of psychedelic assisted therapy was in fostering a deeper, more profound bond with myself.


Acceptance and Self-Love

“Psychedelics helped me accept myself the way I am.”

Psychedelic assisted therapy encouraged me to embrace my true identity, flaws and all, without judgment. It didn’t just change how I saw the world; it revolutionized how I saw myself.


Revealing Self-Limiting Beliefs

An incredibly insightful facet of my psychedelic journeys was recognizing the self-limiting beliefs I carried – my blind spots. Psychedelics highlighted these unhelpful patterns and beliefs, thereby providing an opportunity to reassess and restructure them.

“They showed me limiting beliefs…that were drastically changing my reality.”

Recognizing and changing these beliefs radically altered the way I perceived myself and the world, subsequently transforming the way I craft my reality.


Journeying Forward

It’s important to note that my journey with psychedelics was undertaken safely, responsibly, and in appropriate settings. My experiences led to profound personal growth and realignment with a healthier, more open perspective of the self and the world. While they’re not for everyone – for me – these substances have been transformative tools in the journey of self-exploration and emotional healing. As with any personal growth tool, these experiences stood as stepping-stones in my evolving journey, not as the end-all solutions.

Psychedelics unmasked my inner narratives and worldly views, providing opportunities for true change, ultimately improving the quality of my life.


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Photo by Kylli Sparre.