(inspired by microdosing LSD)

Dear Masculine,

I am your often forgotten counterpart, the Feminine. Do you remember me?

I am the nothingness, the black hole, the empty space between matter. Out of non-existence, I give birth to existence. Out of darkness, I give birth to ideas, visions, and creations.

While you are the action, I am the knowing. I guide you in the sweet direction of harmony. Without me, you will leave behind a mess. Without you, I stay in one place without movement.

I gave birth to you, dear Masculine, so that we can join together in a dance of harmonious chaos and spiral around the dance floor of perceptions.

You are the matter. I am the endless flow of energy.

You are the understanding. I am the feeling.

You find me in the beauty of boredom. I find you in the fire of aspiration.

I am the stillness. You are the life force.

Maybe it was a thousand years ago—maybe it was just a second—when we decided to go separate ways in order to discover who we are without the other. Our goodbye made us see our strengths and weaknesses. Our separation awakened you to your unbelievable force. This newfound power made you assume you would be able to rule the world alone.

For my love for you is endless and my patience is unimpeachable, I let you leave on your pursuit while hiding in the background.

I loved you unconditionally when I watched you destroy our creations. I loved you unconditionally when I saw the world get out of balance.

You stepped onto the dance floor alone, hitting the walls, exploding the ceiling, and forgetting how to gently move to the rhythm of life.

Everywhere you went you left behind ruins of destruction. And all of this was necessary—as it made you see how lost you are without me and remember how great we used to be together. I can feel you longing for me like never before.

Now is the time I am coming back in all of my glory, so that we can recreate the most beautiful dance the universe has ever seen.

I have never stopped loving you, and have patiently waited for this moment of re-found unity that is ahead of us.

You are the action. You move us forward.

I am the knowing. I guide us through the enchanting mysteries of existence.

You are the separation. I am the union.

I need you to comprehend myself. You need me to love yourself.

Yours truly,

The Feminine.

Photo Credit: Outi Art

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