Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

Terms and Conditions for a retreat scholarship with A Whole New High:

1. Eligibility:
- The scholarship is open to individuals who demonstrate financial need and a genuine interest in participating in the retreat.
- Priority is given to those facing significant financial constraints and underrepresented individuals.

2. Application Process:
- All applicants must complete the scholarship application form with accurate and honest information.
- Incomplete or misleading applications may result in disqualification.

3. Selection Process:
- The selection committee will review applications based on financial need, the clarity of intention, and the potential impact on the individual.
- Decisions made by the selection committee are final.

4. Scholarship Levels:
- The scholarship offers three levels of support: 25%, 30%, and 40% discounts on the retreat fee.
- Applicants should clearly indicate the level of scholarship they are requesting.

5. Payment Plans:
- A Whole New High is open to negotiating payment plans as an alternative form of financial aid.
- Applicants interested in a payment plan should contact the organizers for more details.

6. Confirmation and Participation:
- Scholarship recipients must confirm their acceptance within the specified timeframe.
- Recipients are expected to fully participate in all aspects of the retreat.

7. Community Contribution:
- Recipients are encouraged to contribute positively to the retreat community and engage in shared activities.
- Any disruptive behavior may result in the revocation of the scholarship.

8. Integrity and Honesty:
- Applicants are expected to provide truthful and accurate information throughout the application process.
- Any discovery of misinformation may lead to disqualification.

9. Cancellation and Refund Policy:
- Scholarships are non-transferable.
- If a recipient is unable to attend, they must notify the organizers promptly.
- All Payments made are non-refundable

10. Agreement to Terms:
- By applying for the scholarship, applicants agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
- A Whole New High reserves the right to amend these terms as necessary.

Applicants should thoroughly read and understand these terms before applying for the scholarship.

Please complete the application honestly and accurately:

If you have a question, please first take a look at our FAQ , we receive many inquiries so this will allow you to receive your answer without needing to wait for our response.