A Whole New High is the use of entheogens which are power plants, psychedelics and substances used to induce ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness in which we discover ourselves, connect to our inner healer and rewrite the rules of this game called life.

Drugs and substances are mostly misunderstood and misused in today’s current society. We engage in drugs chasing coping highs, avoidance highs, sedative highs and party highs. The intention behind why a person interacts with any substance is the outcome which they will receive. We as a society have been educated about drugs from one perspective only and that is from the perspective of a person using drugs to escape themselves, their pain and their reality. When used for such shadow purposes drugs can indeed cause destruction. But just like any other tool such as money, power or fame it is the intention behind the tool which decides the outcome. It is the intention which determines if that tool is a source of destruction or a source of creation.

A person who engages with a substance will receive an experience which reflects their intention, suppression, escapism, avoidance and so on. Such requests when fulfilled create lasting side effects, physical illness, dependancy, internal suffering, unfullfillment and more. This is what we are taught about drugs. But what is actually causing these side affects, the drugs or the intention?

When the same drugs are used with the intention of meeting yourself, facing your fears, seeking your truth, such intentions are also fulfilled, side effects are too experienced. Soul stirring, mind-blowing, life changing side effects that remain with us after the duration of the substance when they are integrated correctly into ones waking life.

Much of the potentialities of entheogens have been left unmentioned. Much of these unspoken potentials are supportive to an awake, empowered society and detrimental to the indoctrinated, obedient and controlled form of human required to keep today’s current society alive.

We feel people deserve to know the full story and our desire is to reveal what’s been withheld from public knowledge to date. We are committed to informing people of both the positive and negative potentialities that entheogens hold so that they can make their own fully informed decisions on how and if to utilise them based on the full truth.

The purpose of our message is to divert a person’s understanding of entheogens and/or their intention for using them from one of escaping themselves to finding themselves, from self-suppression to self-immersion, from shutting down to opening up from sedating to awakening.

This is the beginning of a Psychedelic Revolution, This is an unveiling of truth, This is …A Whole New High…